care and repair


*no flake- no chip


*100% nickel free

*all sterling silver is 100% sterling silver - all gold and rose gold filled karat/purity : 14/20

 *every now and then take an simple non abrasive poling cloth to brigent up  

necklaces/ bracelets

*all chain is naturally hypo and nickel free

*all chain is a pate with a brass or steel core

*moisture is your jewelry's worst enemy. while the plate is durable and sweat resistant, try to avoid getting wet or submerging in water. 

*avoid leaving out in the bathroom. always best to keep in a bag or jewelry box. this will lead to a longer life for your piece. 

*all jewelry changes over time, embrace the change! It's a unique reflection on where it has been with you. simple polishing cloths are always an option to add a little extra shine now and then.