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 **what's your making/shipping process during the COVID-19 pandemic?

-all earring and necklaces are made with gloves and sterilized before packaging
-packing is also done with gloves and mask on
-extra alcohol swab included with earrings  
-available for no contact delivery in the Portland area
-if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me

 **is this really handmade?

-yes! and no. nothing comes to me ready to go. there is a handmade element to everything i sell. all the earrings, earwires, & clasps are 100% handmade by me - with USA made wire. all chains are electroplated in USA. necklaces are designed, cut, assembled in house. earrings are designed, cut, formed in house. every pair unique. 

 **do you offer wholesale accounts?

yes! i definitely do wholesale. please email me directly for more information. i currently do not offer any products on consignment


 **is this going to turn my skin green?

-no. usually that's a reaction to nickel. i work only with metal that is hypoallergenic and 100% nickel free. but everyone is different! 

-no. usually that's a reaction to nickel. i work only with metal that is hypoallergenic and 100% nickel free. all sterling silver is 100% sterling silver - all gold and rose gold filled karat/purity : 14/20. 

  If you do have and unexpected reaction to any of the jewelry, please let me know!


 **is this going to last? is this going to tarnish, like, tomorrow?

-the chain and wire are super durable, but not invincible. avoid quick, fast movements when taking jewelry on and off. all jewelry will change over time.

-earrings might want a simple polishing cloth every now and then. wire will never flake or chip. 

-electroplate is not your average plate. this durable technique is a no flake and slow to change -depending on care and wear.

-care and wear will determine the lifespan of your jewelry. I'm pretty rough with my jewelry, and that shows in the character. but i love that. 


**do i really need an earring back with this threader? the back is so long! 

 -always wear your backs. i repete. always wear your backs.  


 **what's the deal with refunds?

 -no refunds, online store exchange only, of course there are always exceptions! Please email me what's going on and we can work it out 


**what's the deal with exchanges? 

-need a different size? want a different metal? no problem. you send it back to me and i'll send back to you.  


**what's the deal with repairs?

-things happen. hoops go missing, chains get yanked. i get it! no judgement. no problem. email me the story ( i love the stories...the best one so far has been "rolled over with my car") and i'm happy to replace and repair as needed. 

*cost will be a case by case basis.  


**do you do custom work? 

i LOVE doing custom work. email me the details and we can go from there. right now i'm limited in the kinds of custom work i can take on due to studio restrictions. a few more years and i'll be singing a different tune :)